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Special Programs

New Horizon Center provides our Children and Adult students with the care they need through various other services and programs beyond the typical classwork and therapies. Please select an area to view more information.

Technology & the Arts
Tech and arts

Technology  * New Horizon Center has a technology room equipped with the "Stages" curriculum. A student can press a switch, touch the screen or point with a light to activate the computer. Even the keyboard can be enlarged, detached or rearranged so that students can use computers for fun and learning. Additional interactive software tools and packages are available as well. Music Therapy *Music is used as a helpful tool for teaching students with disabilities the practical skills needed to help them function more fully in their daily lives. Music enables the largest and most diverse group of students to become a cohesive social group. Our Music Therapist leads groups of students in a fun, social environment that stimulates the brain and allows self expression.

Social Services
Social workers

Full time social worker provides services in the following ways:

Coordinates the referral and intake process with parents and their home school districts, guiding them through the admission process

Acts as the liaison to the student's school district and assists in reporting progress and future planning for the student's educational goals

Develops behavior plans for students who require intervention and assists staff with implementation

Develops and coordinates a student's transitional goals and functions as a pivotal link from the education system and to adult service options.  

Informs parents of community, state or federal assistance programs for which the students or adults may be eligible

Coordinates communication between New Horizon Center staff and outside professionals and agencies.

Life Skills Program 

The purpose of the life skills program is to have the students learn ordinary life skills activities, such as setting a table or folding laundry. The students will be able to develop daily life skills and independence in a structured environment.

Health & Wellness
Nutrition and Vision Services

Nursing Services   New Horizon Center employs two full time nurses to administer medications and evaluate emergency situations.

Vision Services   Vision Services are implemented on a consultant basis for blind and visually impaired students as developed in their Individual Educational Plan. Materials and equipment are utilized from the Illinois Instructional Material Center. The Illinois School of Optometry conducts annual vision evaluations for students.